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Michael P. Brawer, MS. Ed., D.P.L.

CEO and Executive Director, Association of Florida Colleges

Michael P. Brawer, MS. Ed., D.P.L.

Michael Brawer is the CEO and Executive Director of the Association of Florida Colleges (formerly the Florida Assoc. of Community Colleges). He also functions as the AFC’s chief legislative liaison and advocate.  He has been a career-long educator in Florida with extensive state-level education and association management experience.  Brawer holds a BA in English Education and a MS in Instructional Systems Design, both from Florida State University. In 2012, he earned the prestigious Designated Professional Lobbyist certificate from the Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists.

He began his career as a reading and communication skills instructor at Florida A&M University Trio Programs in 1979.  In 1982, he took a position in the Florida Department of Education where he remained for over 17 years in a variety of positions including trade and industrial education program specialist, Gold Seal Scholarship program Coordinator, state director for public service programs, statewide Tech Prep Program Coordinator, and director of the School-to-Work Joint Services office.  In 1991, Brawer received the Division of Vocational Education Superior Achievement Award for his role in implementing the Florida Gold Seal Scholarship Program. During Brawer’s tenure as state director for School-to-Work, six Florida colleges won the Parnell Award fro Excellence.

In 1998 Brawer joined the 1600 member Florida Association for Career and Technical Education.  That was followed by a position with the 1800 member Florida Psychological Association.  In 2007, he completed a one-year administrative services contract with the Florida Tax Collectors Association.  In November 2008, Brawer became the fifth CEO of the AFC.

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